Midnight Mili Train



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HOLY SHIT!! It’s raining.

Despite numerous weather reports that today’s cup of fuck would be rain (who knew they’d get it right?!), the cubiciles are running around frenzied by this “falling sky water.”

“Let’s everyone get excited by this everyday phenomenon because our professional lives are so devoid of interest and meaning that we need to herald this changing of weather patterns! (followed by exciting buzzing, chatter, moronic giddiness etc.)”

I’m really tired of being the asshole around here who ruins everyone’s fun. “What? It’s just a (mouse, cloud, bee, atomic free-range chickens), get over it and go back to your desks.” I think today I want to be the leader of the chaos. I think I’ll start by stripping off my cardigan and fashioning a Rambo-style bandanna with it. Then I’ll hop up and squat on my desk, stomping and shouting, “RAAAAIN!! EVERYONE STOP ANDLOOK AT THE RAAAAAIN!!”



Why not me? Why not now?

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